Servicing New Zealand Industry for Over 40 years

Early Years

Mills-Tui is an enduring name throughout New Zealand road transport history. Tracing its origins back over 40 years, Mills-Tui has had a number of different owners and manufactured a wide range of products. At one point, Mills-Tui manufactured and supplied almost all of New Zealand’s fire engines employing 140 staff. Mills-Tui also designed and manufactured the Stryker airport fire appliance supplying these vehicles to Auckland and Christchurch International Airports as well exporting to Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Many of Mills-Tui built fire appliances are still in service today.


Recent Times

Today, Mills-Tui is held under the private ownership of Dean and Carey-Lee Purves with a staff of 22. Dean has over 20 years in the automotive, finance and heavy transport industries. More recently Dean has been General Manager-Heavy Commercial for FleetPartners and has held senior management roles with TCL Isuzu and Manheim. With an in-depth knowledge of truck and trailer specifications, sales and finance, Dean is looking forward to taking over and growing an iconic brand of New Zealand road transport. Carey-lee is supporting Dean in an administration role. All existing staff remain under the new ownership including long serving Engineering Manager, Jeff Miller and Production Manager, Hamilton Sheck. Our product range is now streamlined to focus on serving the timber and construction sectors along with fire and emergency. Most of our product range is built on our light but strong Mills-Tui Low Rider chassis giving our products a lower centre of gravity and better stability. With highly experienced personnel in the business, Mills-Tui is fully capable of meeting your transport engineering requirements.